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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Wondermark


Webcomic URL: http://www.wondermark.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wondermark

Artist/Author: David Malki !
Updates: Tuesdays & Fridays

"Wondermark is a comic created by David Malki !... It features 19th-century illustrations that have been recontextualized to create humorous juxtapositions. It takes the horizontal four-panel shape of a newspaper strip, although the number of panels varies from one to six or more...

A typical Wondermark episode is comprised of one or more Victorian-era drawings of people and/or objects, repeated for several panels, with dialogue added to create a joke. In some cases, the images vary from panel to panel, creating a narrative. Occasionally, the joke in the last panel takes the form of a purely visual gag.

The creator, David Malki ! (who insists that the space and exclamation point are part of his name), has stated that the images are obtained from public domain primary sources such as 1800s-era periodicals. Malki ! obtains these images from public libraries and from his own collection of rare books.

There is no narrative continuity in Wondermark; each episode is generally unrelated to the previous or next, although on rare occasions a scenario will repeat for a second episode. In some episodes, situations and dialogue indicate that the setting may be the 19th Century; in others, the characters allude to recent events or use contemporary technology (such as computers). Although certain images are used multiple times in different episodes, Malki ! has stated that each episode is meant to be read independent of any continuity.

The subject matter of the comics is diverse. Wondermark's targets have included politics, business, censorship, fashion, self-pity, paranoia and Wikipedia."

-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wondermark

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