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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Wapsi Square

Wapsi Square

Webcomic URL: http://wapsisquare.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://wapsisquare.com/wapsirss.xml

Artist/Author: Paul Taylor
Updates: weekdays

"A wrench has been thrown into the comfortable Minneapolis neighborhood of Wapsi Square. Monica Villarreal, a young and skeptical museum anthropologist crosses paths with an Aztec deity and all cards are thrown to the wind. More than questioning her own sanity she slowly begins to question the world around her and the very history books that she holds sacred.

Helping keep Monica grounded are her friends; Amanda, a motherly but cynical professional photographer, Shelly, a tough tomboy yet girly-girl mechanic and Daren the sage bartender at the local pub.

Through a blend of humor and macabre undertones, enter the world of Wapsi Square and leave the reality you know at the door."

-- http://wapsisquare.com/about.html

"Wapsi Square is a webcomic by Paul "Pablo" Taylor, about the eccentric lives and relationships of a group of neighbors from the fictional square of the title, in Taylor's home town of Minneapolis.

The strip began as a kind of comic soap opera, but events took darker and more surreal turns, often involving the supernatural. The main character, Monica, has psychic powers and has been befriended by a mischievous Aztec (or pre-Aztec) god of alcohol. Moreover, she and her friend Shelly both suffered traumatic childhood events which are connected, and which often color their present-day relationships.

The development of the comic toward more complex storylines has been accompanied by an increase in the sophistication of the artwork from its fairly loose original style to its current stylized look, with characters appearing in front of lower-contrast grey backgrounds.

*Wapsi Square gets its name from the Wapsipinicon River which runs through northeast Iowa. Locals refer to the river as 'The Wapsi'."

-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapsi_Square

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