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Sunday, March 30, 2008

WEBCOMIC: t-n-t: A Daily Webcomic...

t-n-t: A Daily Webcomic
About All Things Online & Offline

Webcomic URL: http://tntcomic.net/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://tntcomic.net/feed/

Artist/Author: keong
Updates: Daily

"t-n-t chronicles the life of an ordinary guy who starts a blog and gets hooked. It's a comedic look at a species known as 'Bloggers' and how some of these individuals survive in their chosen habitat, the 'Internet', as well as in their traditional habitat, the 'Real World'..."
-- http://www.thewebcomiclist.com/

1 comment:

Ampersand said...

I'd like to submit a comic for possible review, but I can't find any contact information. Please email me at barry.deutsch@gmail.com if I could send you information about my webcomic. Thank you.