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Monday, March 31, 2008



Webcomic URL: http://ardracomic.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://ardracomic.com/feed.xml

Artist/Author: Jason Dunstan, with Trevor Adams, Fesworks, & guests
Updates: Tuesday & Friday

"It's about a rather unique concept wherein Dr. Ardra Renelsior, a brilliant scientist, decides to raise twins as a sort of lifelong science experiment. The humor comes from the fact that Ardra tends to think along logical, scientific lines (her many quirks aside) and is extremely clueless when it comes to actually raising children. Eileen and Lenore, while both super-intelligent and rather sarcastic, otherwise couldn't be more different from one another...

Ardra found a suitable "paternal donor" and surrogate mother because, in Ardra's completely scientific view, "Childbirth is really sort of disgusting!" Ardra then conducted the appropriate genetic manipulations to create two super geniuses. These two would, hopefully, lead the world into a new Age of Reason, a new Renaissance....

And so, Lenore and Eileen were born. After the girls spent about a year with their surrogate (to handle all the "messy baby stuff"), Ardra became a full fledged "maternal care-giver". The grand experiment continues today, seven years later. But the question is: Can Ardra overcome maternal instincts to raise the girls in a completely logical, unbiased scientific manner? Stay tuned, as our favorite "Iron Chef" loving, cell-phone hating, Libertarian Woman of Science tries her hand at motherhood."

-- http://ardracomic.com/faq.htm

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