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Friday, December 12, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Moose Mountain Comics

Moose Mountain Comics

Webcomic URL: http://www.moosemountaincomics.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://www.moosemountaincomics.com/feed/

Artist/Author: Mark Ricketts
Updates: Tuesday & Thursday

"MOOSE MOUNTAIN revolves around Ranger Todd, a nature loving do-gooder, and the wildlife that resides at Moose Mountain National Park. There's a brooding, love-sick blackfly, a New Jersey squirrel family relocated to the park by the wildlife witness protection program, a self-centered, passive aggressive black bear, and a moose whose four husbands were all killed in tragic car crashes. Most of the strips are set in the park, which, in many ways, resembles Maine's Acadia National Park, but sometimes the action takes place in the coastal resort town of Bar Harbor where Todd reluctantly shares his house with a beaver named Orson."
-- WebcomicZ

"...There is no rush, no urgency to resolve the story and it will take as long as it takes to show you what needs to be shown. And that’s good. As part of the country theme, you can let life slow down and really savor the moment.

Every comic has a decent punchline, driven by the characters...

...Moose Mountain starts out in black and white, with some grey tones. The linework is good, the characters are well designed with accessories and varying sizes for interest. Later comics have (mostly) color which I liked much more...

...the color gives a much better sense of the woods than other coloring techniques. It also provides some variation on the characters, making them seem more alive...

Moose Mountain will be a fun comic to check up on... If you like nature, rural life or Maine then you’ll like Moose Mountain.

...Moose Mountain has masterfully done presentation. It’s full of great theming, with a great color choices of browns and greens. There is wood signage and the next/back buttons reminded me of official nature park signs. It has an open, comfortable layout which is easy to navigate..."

-- excerpts from a great review by Delos Woodruff at ArtPatient.com

"Make no mistake: Moose Mountain is no “amateur” comic strip. Mark Ricketts is a successful, professional illustrator with a long resume...

In my view, Moose Mountain is superior to most of the test comics in both content and execution..."

-- Patrick Moening in Portland Press Herald

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