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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Faux Pas

Webcomic URL: http://www.ozfoxes.com/fauxpas.htm
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Robert and Margaret Carspecken
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

"The adventures of Randy the fox, a human-trained studio animal living on a farm with other retired would-be actors, some friends from the woods and a whole lot of cats. It's wild and domesticated reading!"
-- The Webcomic List

"Faux Pas (pronounced American-fashion, 'fox paws') is the story of Randy and his animal friends, most of whom were trained to be studio animal actors - the animals you see in movies, commercials and in live stage shows. Most of them are now retired, officially or through lack of opportunity, and eke out an existence as best they can while avoiding being hunted, eaten or sold. The main setting for the series is Green Mountain Studio Animals (GMSA), a run-down farm in the Colorado Rockies. They fully realize that they exist at the whim of their human owners, but Randy's new owners are content to let him and his friends live pretty much as they please.

Tossed into the mix are a herd of housecats who think of Randy as their personal cat toy. Chief among the cats is Kira, who tries to help Randy when she can just to keep him from being so predictable. Also prominent in Randy's life is Cindy, a wilderness vixen who finds him charming and attractive, if confusing.

The action mostly takes place at or near GMSA. Other settings include the surrounding mountain woodlands where their wild animal friends live; the nearby zoo, known as St. Mia Hatz; and the occasional trip to remote locations where one or another of the crew might actually get some work. Randy's adventures occasionally take him far afield, but he always manages to find his way back.

'Faux Pas' - a social blunder brought about by miscommunication - accurately describes the tone of the series in its many forms: Randy working to hold things together in a world ruled by Murphy's Law."

-- Faux Pas: An Overview

"The comic takes place at the fictional Green Mountain Studio Animals, a run-down farm in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Randy and the majority of his friends there are semi-retired animal actors. Although the humans in the series are rarely seen, the animals know that it is to their owners that they owe their existence. The animal characters are anthropomorphic in the sense of having human language and intelligence, but are non-bipedal, effectively similar in anatomy to "normal" animals."
-- "Faux Pas" article on Wiki Fur

"Faux Pas (pronounced "fox paws") is a webcomic about animals that were trained to act as studio animals, now retired living on a farm. Randy is a fox living at Green Mountian Studio Animals (beware peculiar critters), an ordinary animal-actor fox leased out to make commercials and b-grade movies. A charming fellow, with a few problems -- like cats (over a hundered of them, who think of him as a toy) -- and Cindy, a wild vixen who seems to like him and has moved in. The story takes place in the United States."
-- Spiritius-Temporis.com

"...Perhaps the first thing that strikes the reader is the art style, masterfully inspired in that of Disney's Robin Hood. R&M make the style entirely their own... The mastery of their craft seems evident not only in the fluidity of their artwork, but also in their skillful use of body language appropriate to each animal species...

...The background information that they have gone through the trouble of acquiring and sharing with their readership comes across clearly in the strip. ...well grounded and researched, as opposed to haphazardly put together.

As strong as the art is for Faux Pas, its true strength lies in the writing. It may be tempting for some to lump it with the plethora of furry comics out there, but it is
not a furry comic – this is a comic about animals and their unique observations on each other and the human world. While maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere and... keeping the comic at G to PG levels, the subjects addressed within it are anything but shallow. Within the story, the creators have managed to include and discuss topics ranging between alienation, bullying, the challenges of courtship, and tenuous friendships."

"Overall... Faux Pas provides a well balanced mix of beautiful art and skillful writing – definitely a worthwhile read. With its departure from what has become typical webcomic fare, it has definitely achieved groundbreaking status."

-- Apis Teicher on COMIXtalk

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