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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WEBCOMIC: The Galactic Gauntlet Comic

The Galactic Gauntlet Comic

Webcomic URL: http://www.galacticgauntlet.com/comic.php5
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Ken Wahlgren
Updates: from once to several times per week

Galactic Gauntlet is a zany sci-fi webcomic, set in the fictional Cuvan Galaxy. The storyline centers around the crew of an Anori Science Ship -- a little known, technologically advanced alien race from the Galactic Gauntlet game. With lots of techy acronyms, a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing secret society, an oversized porcupine scientist, coffee operators cloned from space pirate DNA, chaos, confusion, & hilarity abounds...

The Galactic Gauntlet comic is a novel & innovative new concept in the world of webcomics, in that the comic itself was born out of an online game -- Galactic Gauntlet. The Galactic Gauntlet game is an addictive online multi-player space trading game, complete with its own docs, forum, & user-contributed wiki -- and best of all, it's free.

About Galactic Gauntlet (the game)...
"Galactic Gauntlet is a free, browser based, strategy game with a heavy dose of combat and mystery. It's a game where you enter as the captain of a Freighter and run around the galaxy trying to make money by gathering resources and trading them between ports which want to buy them from you and sell you other things. You then get to take the money and spend it on numerous things such as a fleet of warships, strange devices, and even make investments. Your eventual goal is to get powerful enough to conquer three particular planets and win the game, but this doesn't just happen overnight. The galaxy evolves, other players might get in your way, and other distractions await! What's the catch? This game is full of misc details and mysteries which are purposely not detailed here in the docs..."
-- Galactic Gauntlet (help file)

"It is the year 4,315 and you are the Captain of a freighter class vessel, trying to make a living in the Cuvan Galaxy. Your task is to gather resources and trade them at ports, while not getting blown up or strategically outwitted by other players. Complicating your life is the current political state of the galaxy, with the Kenosian Alliance (Good Guys), Galactic Trade Organization, and alien Xeer Empire(Bad Guys) trying to claim space for themselves. Your ultimate task: Develop your own massive fleet and conquer planets with the credits you earn while living the life of a trader, and then take over the galaxy for yourself!

Along the way you will find Pirates, Starbases, Orbital Shipyards, hidden Secrets, Investment Opportunities, Spy on other players, and come to understand why this game is called Galactic GAUNTLET. If you think can handle running the maze that is space congested with all sorts of challenges and eventually dominate against all odds, then prepare yourself and get in on the action now!

This game is free, requires no special software to run other than the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox, and uses a multi-player, mostly text-based interface. After spending a few moments registering for an account your ship will be ready to cruise the galaxy spending your daily turns. After midnight each day new turns are issued and the galaxy continues to evolve. We appreciate feedback over at the forum."

-- Galactic Gauntlet (main page)

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