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Sunday, April 13, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Bear and Kitten

Bear and Kitten

Webcomic URL: http://www.south20th.com/#
Webcomic RSS feed: http://www.rsspect.com/rss/bearandkitten.xml

Artist/Author: Andy (bear) & Angie (kitten)
Updates: Sundays & Wednesdays

"...The premise is simple enough - an anthropomorphic slice-of-life, the comic follows the day to day adventures of two unlikely room mates... Each strip is a quick read as even the most verbose consist of only one or two sentences a panel."
-- BetaPwned's Wednesday Webcomic Weview

"...a bear and a cat sharing an apartment and living fairly normal humanlike lives..."
-- Webcomic Asylum

"My name is Andy and I write this comic. Angie draws it. A lot of people got to know us as bear and kitten but that got creepy and people started sending us links to furry conventions and stuff so we decided to end that whole thing. Not that we have anything against furries, it's just not our scene.

We both went to art school, are in our lower to mid 20's and we have two cats. We ride bikes and go to shows and drink a lot..."

-- Bear and Kitten

"Conceived by two people who don't reveal their names but go by Bear and Kitten in the news section, the
comic has odd humor centered around these two characters...

...slightly surreal. The comic's themselves are set against a stark white background that is the website... The characters themselves are cute... Subdued colors work here as well, because the comic doesn't have a happy wacky colorful world feel.

The writing however is hard to explain. The jokes don't really come across as jokes to me. That is to say that I don't really find them funny... I get a bit of black humor from the writing, but more black than humor.

I really liked the art for it's sense of uniqueness... I did however have issues with the writing, as I didn't understand what the point was... Cute, in a dark and uncomfortable sort of way."

-- Webcomic Asylum

"...It’s a cute comic, and the edgy material and humor nicely contrasts with the simplistic, mostly black and white art.

The humor’s where this comic shines. There’s no story per se, but the individual gags work well... the humor manages to stay light. Each strip is a fairly quick read... The only complaint here is that the text is a bit small and occasionally hard to read. The art’s a plus, and works perfectly with the characters. Mostly black and white linework, it uses color sparingly, but to its maximum effect. It’s almost abstract in appearance, and it still communicates the idea and gags well..."

-- wayofthegeek

"Bear and Kitten, though it sounds cute and cuddly, is quite a quirky little disturbing romp... Each strip is a quick read as even the most verbose consist of only one or two sentences a panel...

...There is a simplicity to the writing, certainly, but simplicity shouldn't be mistaken for poor form... a great deal of the writing takes place beyond the scope of dialogue - it's the totality of the scene that tells these short stories...

The artwork is a soft comfort that lulls the reader into a mindset that makes the disturbing aspects of the comic even more so... the relatively mild violence and uneasy concepts come across as much more tantalizing when everything else is so warm and fuzzy. It's an excellent blend...

...The comic isn't twisted - in fact, I suspect that if you took any of the scripts and drew them in a realistic fashion they would loose not only their charm, but also their punch. It's the mix that makes the comic work, the parts aren't all that spectacular when taken alone, but the sum of those parts makes for a great read."

-- BetaPwned's Wednesday Webcomic Weview

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