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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Unshelved


Webcomic URL: http://www.unshelved.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://www.unshelved.com/rss.aspx

Artist/Author: Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum
Updates: Daily

"Unshelved is a daily comic strip most notable for being set in a library. ...the web comic was created by writer Gene Ambaum (not his real name) and co-writer/artist Bill Barnes...

...the Sunday editions of Unshelved, formerly indistinguishable from the weekday strips, became the Unshelved Book Club, a full-page full-color book recommendation presented in the form of a comic strip. Barnes and Ambaum encourage libraries and bookstores to post them in displays in order to encourage reading. The books featured are both new and old, picked by Barnes and Ambaum based on their personal preferences.

The Mallville Public Library... is the setting for Unshelved. Most of the action in Unshelved occurs in the library."

-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unshelved

"...Some of the stories are made up, some of them are based on real life, and some are absolutely true stories sent to us from our readers. And the stranger the story, the more likely it is to be true."
-- http://www.unshelved.com/primer.aspx

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