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Saturday, March 15, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Something Positive

Something Positive

Webcomic URL: http://www.somethingpositive.net/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp.xml

Artist/Author: R. K. Milholland
Updates: Daily

"Something Positive or S*P is a webcomic by R. K. Milholland... The comic is characterized by a cynical tone and off-beat humor, including its portrayals of geeks, gamers, and goths.

The main cast lives in some unspecified location in Boston, the MacIntire family lives in Bedford, Texas, and Monette has recently moved with Lisa to West Hollywood, California. The comic will often switch between these locations, with related story lines, as well as go back in time... Probably the most common type of joke in the comic is one person stating their opinion, and then being rebutted by a main cast member in crude, vulgar fashion. Davan is usually the one making the rebuttal, though PeeJee and Aubrey often share the honors as well.

S*P is largely based on the personal experiences of the cartoonist. All of the main cast has some real life basis: many of them are directly based on real people, while others combine qualities from multiple specific people. According to the FAQ, around 65-70% of the comic is based on real life experiences...

Unlike many webcomics featuring players of role-playing games, it is not a gaming comic. The gamers that do appear are usually stereotypical D&D nerds... who cannot function socially — but others do appear who are portrayed more positively.

Storylines revolving around low-budget or no-budget theater are also common, some drawing on Milholland's experiences in the Boston theater scene... Many of the secondary Boston characters are loosely based on people in Boston's improvisational theater and sketch comedy community.

S*P, unlike many comic strips with their episodic "gag-a-day" format, takes a linear, storyline-based approach. Subject matter ranges from the main characters' adventures (both present and past) to contemporary commentary to political statements, and often makes its points in scathing and offensive fashion... However, the strong friendships shared by the main characters inject occasional bouts of hope (and certainly have greater dramatic impact through their rarity).

A major theme in the comic is romance and relationships. The vast majority of the cast is either unlucky in love... in sometimes strained relationships... or happy together in spite of each other... Most romantic dalliances, however, end badly.

The strip is set in semi-realtime: That is, a year in the strip will be released over the course of a year; however, a plot arc might start out several days before it is set, then conclude on the supposed day. There are also frequent flashbacks to the past, which also come with dates.

Even with its fixture in time, the comic does not make much effort to connect with day-to-day real-life events...

The comic's main characters are Davan MacIntire, Aubrey Chorde, PeeJee Shou, and Jason Pratchett with a sub-cast stemming off that, to include Davan's immediate family (Fred and Dahlia MacIntire), as well as Monette Donnelly, Davan's adopted sister. There is an array of supporting cast members that range from Davan's boneless cat, Choo-Choo Bear, to the enigmatic Spanish-speaking love-midget, Pepito, to PeeJee's gay friend Jhim..."

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