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Friday, March 28, 2008


Marry Me

Webcomic URL: http://www.marrymemovie.com/main/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://www.marrymemovie.com/

Artist/Author: Bobby Crosby & Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
Updates: irregular

"Marry Me is a romantic comedy graphic novel about a pop star, frustrated with her love life, who marries a random fan holding a “MARRY ME” sign at one of her concerts."
-- http://www.marrymemovie.com/

"Marry Me" is a online comic/graphic novel... about a fictional pop idol named Stasia and appears to parody the obsessive response to the private lives of pop idols... "Marry Me" is an ongoing project that currently exists as an online comic presented in the format of a printed comic book or graphic novel... "

"The strip revolves around a fictional pop star by the name of Stasia (short for Anastasia), who is revealed to have a history of doing impulsive and often ill-advised things both on and off stage. The central plot feature of the comic is by far the most crazy stunt to date. On the last concert of her tour Stasia decides that she wants to skip dating and boyfriends entirely, and that she is willing to marry pretty much anyone. In the front row of the audience, she sees a man holding a sign that says "Marry Me" and she pulls the concert goer, named Guy from the audience and, with the help of a minister who also happens to be in the audience, marries him on stage in front of thousands of fans. Guy, who is largely unaware of Stasia's history, and who is only holding sign for his Stasia-obsessed friend Parker, goes along with the stunt without realizing that there will be serious consequences."
-- Wikipedia entry for "Marry Me"

"Stasia, the star of the show, manages to both seem real and fundamentally human, not only in spite of, but possibly because of her disconnect from reality. She's a pop star, fabulously wealthy and famous, used to similarly famous boyfriends, and adored by millions of fans - and frustrated with a life where no one takes her seriously, and no one who really knows who she is, least of all herself.

It is a predictable story, but somehow still an enjoyable read. It takes skill to pull it altogether - to make us feel sympathy for this fabulously rich girl whose problems are all of her own invention - but [Bobby Crosby] manages to do it. ...the art is fantastic, and that is the work of one Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar, creator of No Pink Ponies, and all-around genius artist. Eisu manages to give the art a flair all of its own, and shows real skill for capturing each character's mood through expressions and body language.

Lively art, clever jokes, and an enjoyable story make this a worthwhile read. The drive to bring all that together makes it into a whole lot more..."
-- Broken Fronteir

"...the good part: I have to say that Remy’s art is quite attractive. His characters are all excellently designed: each distinct and oftentimes adorable. He plays around with several camera angles, and all look natural... no complaints about the art... However, the story is totally, utterly ludicrious and on the verge of being painful. At no point is the story even remotely believable."

"The portrayal of Stasia is wildly incosistent, and there’s nothing in the comic that makes her likable at all... [Guy] is such an utter bore, though, that it’s almost not worth mentioning... And then there’s the awful dialogue... ...the only interesting character is probably Parker Webber, Guy’s lesbian friend, and only because she’s realistically over the top."

"I’ll give Marry Me one point for the art and one point for Ms. Webber, but beyond those two, there’s not much to recommend."

"Rating: 2 stars (out of a possible 5)"
-- The Webcomic Overlook

"...it is a romantic comedy drawn in a mildly manga-ish sort of style, and its website is bright pink. However, the writing and art are both excellent, and the storyline contains enough snappy humour to make up for elements that would generally turn me... off. So far, the writer is handling the genre well. His characters have the potential to be cliches, but they seem to be slowly wriggling their ways out of the Rom-Com Caricature Trap. Though the story may eventually turn out to follow all the usual tired old conventions, the writer shows signs of wanting to veer off in unexpected directions. The archive is currently manageable and takes well under an hour to get through."
-- The Massey College Alumni Association

"From the first page I was very impressed with the artwork. Remy Mokhtar is a diamond in the webcomic rough... The coloring is excellent... Shading is used to great effect and the colors compliment each other nicely. Quality, professional work...

"The storytelling fell into place right along with the artwork. Bobby has a firm grasp on humor... Things moved along briskly as well. Some soap opera style comics tend to drag where pacing is concerned, but so far that isn't happening here. I didn't find myself wanting to rush through the pages, and actually was hoping the archive was bigger when it stopped at 14 pages.

"In closing I only see good things in store for this comic. ..with high quality writing and artwork like this I can recommend it to anyone looking for a new comic to enjoy and bookmark...

"This comic is....Highly Recommended"
-- Webcomic Asylum

Comic 1's Review:
I found "Marry Me" to be quite entertaining and a very pleasant read. While every situation or action in the story may not be realistic or believable, it is refreshing to see a "real-world" story without superheroes, talking animals, or spell-slinging wizards. Of course, chances are that nothing like this is going to happen in the real world, but the fact that it could happen helps the reader to relate to the characters and get "into" the story.

Character development seems to have been sacrificed for the sake of moving the storyline along. There's obviously more to each of the characters than what the reader gets to see, but the pace of the story prevents him from really getting to know them. It's almost like reading a well-written action novel, then watching a movie production of the same story, where much of the depth and richness of detail has been lost in the adaptation. The story does move fast, often leaving the reader with feeling that he might have missed something.

Although somewhat shallow, each of the characters have distinct personalities, and a couple of them are quite endearing to the readers. Their facial expressions do a wonderful job of conveying their emotions and help to carry the story in places where the dialogue might be found lacking. The characters are surprisingly easy to relate to. It doesn't take long for the reader to find himself feeling sorry for one character or cheering on another. Ironically, one of the supporting characters -- Parker -- seems to be the hands-down favorite among fans. Parker is, by far, the most memorable of the cast, and at times seems poised to upstage Stasia, her idol, for the role of lead character.

There have been some problems with keeping up with the updating schedule, and as the story progresses, it begins to feel somewhat "rushed." At this time, the first run of "Marry Me" is slated to end at around 90 pages. Perhaps after the initial storyline is in place, the comic will continue with a less rigorous schedule, leaving the author free to tell his story without imposing deadlines and space limitations hanging over his head.

The whole premise for "Marry Me" is a fascinating concept for a webcomic, and the art is fantastic. While it may not be for everyone, it's definitely worth checking out. Read the descriptions & reviews, and if it sounds like something that you might enjoy, go check it out.
-- Comic 1

For those concerned with content, here's the content that some might find objectionable (as of the time of this review, 67 pages in)...
-- One panel contains "brief nudity" and some of the "pop star" outfits were rather skimpy.
-- One mildly obscene word was used early in the story.
-- Adult themes (lesbianism & a "threesome") were briefly discussed.
-- A couple of the characters are involved in a skirmish, where a punch or two was thrown.
-- A couple of characters are depicted drinking blood as part of an African tribal ritual.

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