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Sunday, March 9, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Lackadaisy


Webcomic URL: http://www.lackadaisycats.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://www.lackadaisycats.com/rss/

Artist/Author: Tracy J. Butler
Updates: Irregular

"[Lackadaisy is...] Mostly about crime in the era of Prohibition. I suppose it falls somewhere in the realm of historical fiction, parody, dark comedy, and abject nonsense."
-- http://lackadaisy.foxprints.com/faq.html

"Lackadaisy (also known as Lackadaisy Cats) is a webcomic created by artist Tracy J. Butler, set in a Prohibition-era 1927 St. Louis inhabited by anthropomorphic cats. The plot chronicles the fortunes of the Lackadaisy Speakeasy after its founder is murdered.

The style of the comic is highly detailed, with cartoon characters that show a close resemblance to the animated films of Walt Disney and Don Bluth. The strips are sepia-toned, resembling aged photographs of the '20s era.

When Prohibition gripped the country in 1920, Atlas May set his eatery, the Little Daisy Café, as the front for a massively successful Speakeasy called the Lackadaisy. Situated within a network of limestone caves at whose mouth the Café was situated, access to the speakeasy is only granted to those showing a pin in the shape of a Clubs card suit.

With fairly easy access to illegal alcohol and a steady clientèle, business burgeoned, and the Lackadaisy becomes a premier establishment.

In 1926, however, Atlas was mysteriously killed, and management of the Little Daisy and the Lackadaisy fell to his widow Mitzi. Patronage at the Lackadaisy gradually fell off, bringing it to the brink of collapse, with only a handful of its original crew remaining and doing their best to keep the business alive. This is where the comic's story begins."

-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lackadaisy

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