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Thursday, February 28, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Hamleto The Hamster

Hamleto The Hamster

Webcomic URL: http://hamletothehamster.blogspot.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://hamletothehamster.blogspot.com/rss.xml

Artist/Author: Valentina "TYN" Sgaggero
Updates: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

"A comic strip about the daily adventure of a cute yet sarcastic hamster and his young and naive owner."
-- http://www.comixpedia.org/index.php?

"Hamleto The Hamster is a comic strip that speaks about hamsters and people.
In other words, it's a comic strip that speaks about animals."

-- http://hamletothehamster.blogspot.com/

"Hamleto the Hamster" is written & drawn by Valentina "TYN" Sgaggero. It is updated three times per week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Hamleto is usually a 3-panel, gag-a-day webcomic, but occasionally runs a 4+ strip story. It is the story of the daily life and adventures of a hamster and his friends.

Hamleto shares a cage with his "roommate," Laerte, and enjoys frequent visits from Orazio, yet another hamster, who belongs to a friend of Hamleto's owner. They have the sort of adventures that hamsters have -- and other adventures that hamsters would have, if they could.

Hamleto is egotistical & self-centered, but in a loveable, Garfield-ish sort of way. He can be an anti-social bully until one wins his favor, but he's also creative and resourceful. He is adventuresome and dreams of traveling the world... and he loves Elvis. Much of the comedy is drawn from Hamleto's sarcasm or the mean tricks that he plays on the other hamsters.

Alice is Hamleto's owner. She's young, but responsible, constantly referring to a manual to learn more about hamsters. Alice's friend Elisa often brings her own hamster, Orazio, over to visit Hamleto.

Orazio is refined & sensible, as opposed to Hamleto's crudeness and sense of adventure. Although they got off to a rough start, Hamleto now accepts Orazio as a friend.

Laerte is Hamleto's naive, obnoxiously over-friendly roommate. He is a Russian hamster from a family of circus performers and was once an acrobat himself. He constantly tries to befriend Hamleto and Orazio, but his eagerness to make friends has thus far prevented this. As a result, he usually ends up the butt of their jokes & victim of their pranks. He is the smallest of the lot, has been beaten up on occasion, and is picked on mercilessly by not only Hamleto, but also Orazio.

Comic 1's Review:
Hamleto is a light-hearted read and at times very funny. It is well-suited to the entire family, especially those who've had hamsters for pets. Many of the habits & traits of real-life hamsters are explored in this comic and find themselves to be the subject of its humor.

Each of the main cast members has his or her own personality that emerges as the strips progress. ...And TYN does a wonderful job of keeping her thrice-weekly schedule. The artwork is simple but professional, which draws the reader's attention to the characters and the jokes that they're trying to convey. The humor itself rarely misses, ranging from simply entertaining to laugh-out-loud hilarious.

I'd recommend this webcomic to anyone who has a hamster, has ever had a hamster, wants a hamster, thinks hamsters are cute, knows what a hamster is, etc. If you've ever found yourself laughing at videos of comical animal antics, then chances are that Hamleto is for you. If you're looking for a good, clean, family-friendly webcomic that is actually funny, then you've found it. Go check out Hamleto!
-- Comic 1

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