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Friday, February 22, 2008

WEBCOMIC: Brat-halla


Webcomic URL: http://brat-halla.com/
Webcomic RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Brat-halla

Artist/Author: Jeffery Stevenson, Seth Damoose, and Anthony "Tony" Lee
Updates: Wednesday & Friday

"Imagine a young Norse deity in the classroom... in the school cafeteria... at recess... and getting in trouble after school. Now imagine it's all the Norse deities. Boy, do Odin and Frigg have their hands full."
-- http://www.graphicsmash.com/comics/brathalla.php

Follow the misadventures of the Norse gods during their elementary school days. The God of Thunder's a runt, the God of Mischief plays with dolls, and the God of War's a pacificist... how will this pantheon ever survive puberty?
-- http://www.thewebcomiclist.com/p/1809/brathalla

"Brat Halla is full of interesting characters, a good story, fun dialogue and great art. The Norse mythology angle really adds an emotional depth to the work that only adds to the fun.

Brat Halla is a wonderfully entertaining comic because of some very fun characters... Each of them is distinctly unique in personality and look...

...all these personalities provide some great over-the-top hijinks... The storylines are full of twists and turns, with fun Norse myth references and settings. The writing is well done, with good drama-building sequences and character moments. The dialogue is always spot-on as regards to character, with touches of humor and irony...

The art is done in a cleaned-up, yet still-sketchy style with all sorts of viewing angles. The expressions are great, and each character has very unique body language. All this is heightened by the colors, shadows and highlights that serve to make this comic eye-catching and fun to read..."

-- pop syndicate

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